Selection I

Price per person

15,00€ + VAT

Filter Coffee, Espresso, Aromatic Tea, Bottled Water, Fresh Orange Juice, Cookies, Brioche with Almonds, Cake

Selection II

Available for a minimum of 20 persons
* Barista Required (one for every 15 guests)

Price per person

17,00€+ VAT

Filter Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Aromatic Tea, Bottled Water Fresh Fruit Juices

Mini plain & flavored Cookies
(Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Oatmeal and Apricot Jam)

Cream apple pie

Sliced chestnut brioche

Fresh fruit

Cake (lemon, chocolate, vanilla)

Bitter chocolate croissants

Cereal bars with cranberries, dried fruit and nuts

Coffee service is available  throughout  the event 

* Baristas, waiters and bartenders are charged extra, each at 100,00€ + VAT per day as may be required.